Videos from Le Hot Sauce 2012

The Rhythm Roustabouts had the pleasure of being the band playing for the Saturday night dance at Le Hot Sauce this past June. We were called on to play live music for the contest finals as well as for the Teacher’s Demo. I’m reluctant to put these on the Media page, both because we’re still at work on our “official” youtube video, but also because the band was changing tempos on the fly as we were instructed to speed up and slow down by folx running the show. So, lest you think we are  sloppy, please know that these videos were taken under pretty demanding circumstance and aren’t part of our regular sets per se… That said, enjoy the fun:

The Teacher’s Demo:


Some of the contest finals [there are more on youtube just poke around…]:


And of course, let me wrap this up by again thanking the folks at for having us participate in this fun event!