Some San Francisco Dance Venues

As a dancer living in a major metropolitan area, I often receive messages or see Facebook posts asking “Where do you dance in SF?” Being that this happens fairly regularly, I figure I should just scribble it all down. So, behold:

Rich’s completely non-comprehensive mental list of places to go [swing] dancing in San Francisco (+ the rest of the Bay Area)

(Last update: Sept 1st, 2017)

Weekly Events






  • No regular SF Swing venues, but Friday Night Blues is the longest-running Blues venue in the country if that is within your desires
  • Rotating bands at The Terrace Room in Oakland that are usually, but not always, swing.


  • See Monthly below…


  • Daytime – Lindy in the Park. Free dancing in Golden Gate Park for 20 years. (Close to the De Young Museum and Cal Academy of Sciences)
  • Evening – Often Swing bands at Amnesia.

Recurring Monthly Events

Bands to check out While in sf


Oh, and there is plenty of other Social Dancing to be done that I personally don’t really do much of – Tango, Historic Dancing\Waltz, Zouk, Kizomba, Salsa and more – But I’ll leave that up to you to Google….

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