More Online Musician Tools I Use

(No, I don’t know why I am suddenly posting to the blog but I guess I think it is info worth the sharing/remembering)…

I FORGOT to mention two topics in my post last night: Piano/Keyboards & Ear-Training!
Now, I don’t want to wait for things to download, I don’t want to log in to anything, I just want to use something and be done with it. Now that you know my criteria…

Free Online Keyboards – I’m intentionally not calling these “Pianos” because if you load up a sampled piano sound, it will take much longer to get going and these are just my quick go-to tools. With current HTML5 web technologies, webpages can play a synthesized sound just fine and with vary little load-up time. (Allow me to always recommend using either Google’s Chrome or Mozilla’s FireFox browsers – they self-update so your odds of success are greatly improved.)

Free Online Ear-Training – Look, does anybody outside of school really work on this? I think if you’re feeling like zipping through a few of good old ear training / aural-skills exercises, both of these sites load quickly and offer a pretty good variety of tests:

BONUS – AudioSauna’s Free Online Studio. It doesn’t load quickly but it is a beast of web implementation.