Jazz Steps in American Vernacular Dance

There is no one place where you’re going to learn the name and execution of “every” Jazz Step. Pretty soon we can hit a point of arguing over what it means to be defined as a “Jazz Step” in choreography or [primarily solo] dancing.

However, I wanted to write this post to share two videos that were put on youtube a few years ago by a gentleman by the name of Stuart Collins. The first was maybe done as a class review video, but everyone loved the idea of listing Jazz Steps in alphabetical order:

The original video above was so popular, that he soon followed up [via the folks at Philly’s long time Swing venue, LaB] with this second, much more in-depth version. This time, there are other dancers present in order to show you the steps in a way that gives you a ‘3D’ perspective on the information:

If I had more patience I would love to do the above and splice in original vintage film footage, but quite frankly, I’m busy enough with the dance/music-ing to know when to not add a video project to my slate. Perhaps you might like to take on the challenge?